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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Letter Z

I mopped our kitchen floor today. Before doing it, I brought up a bunch of toys from the basement to keep the kids occupied. Of course it didn't work out that way. I wasn't too far into the floor when I hear "momma, my nakey" and Eiley came running through the room. Arya quickly followed.  Both decided they needed to go outside while "nakey" but they know our rule about wearing shoes outside, so they took the time to put on their sandals before they let themselves out.

The letter at school this week is Z. I decided to give the kids a few options for show in tell, like zucchini, zipper, ziploc bag etc. Arya was all set to bring a zucchini until Eiley proudly announced she was bringing her "pewpew". I explained that computer doesn't start with Z. She opened the computer, pressed the letter Z and told my "my pewpew yeah have letter z". I figured if she's smart enough to know that, then she's more than welcome to bring her "pewpew" to school for show and tell. Arya liked the idea so much that she took her zucchini out of her backpack and loaded her computer into it. It looks like we'll be having zucchini soup sometimes soon.

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