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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Year Old Henna

The girls graduated from their 2 year old preschool today. I knew they had a young class, but it wasn't until today that I found out 7 of the 14 kids don't turn 3 until this summer. It's been a great group of kids for them to go to school with and I'm glad that most of the kids will be in their class next fall.

I took pictures before school to compare them to the beginning of the year. They were wearing 2T jeans at the beginning. Look at how long those are. Today they were wearing 3T jeans.

The sang for all the parents and then we had a little party after. The girl sing all the songs from school all the time. Today, they did the hand motions, but didn't do much singing during the program. They weren't being shy though. When they had to say their name and what letter their name started with, both were more than happy to give that information. They were both also excited to walk over a little bridge, get a diploma and pause for a photo.

We had our carpets cleaned today. The carpet guys were almost 3 hours late. It cold and rainy out and I was running out of ways to keep the girls occupied while we sat around waiting. Eventually, the guys showed up and cleaned 2 bedrooms for free since I was laid back and didn't give them a hard time about being so late. When they finally left, it was a bit too late to run errands or do anything else out of the house. Instead, I let the kids decorate my belly. They had a blast. I made sure I only had washable markers available and most of it washed off right away. The stuff in my belly button isn't coming off so easy though.

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