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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bad Habit

Arya has a really bad habit of stuffing her mouth as full as it will go and then she crams a little more in there. Her food, especially bread, will be falling out because she's so packed full that she can't close her mouth. When she does this, she has an audience of one (Eiley) who always laughs and eggs her on. Today they both did it at dinner. Eiley had so much in her mouth that she had to spit some out before she could finish chewing and swallowing the bread.

Around 11:00 this morning, I decided to start organizing the twins' toys. I haven't done this for way too long, since before Zia was born. I didn't get far. I had to keep stopping to feed all 3 kids, do other things, run errands. I'm sitting here at almost 8:00 pm and the toys are still all over the family room. I have plastic containers full of stuff that needs to go to their rooms, empty containers that need toys and a whole mess on the floor. I have a baby in hand and Cork is working on the car breaks...again. What was supposed to be a quick job this weekend of course turned into a typical long job with multiple trips to stores to get the right equipment, tools etc. The brakes need to be done, so I am glad he's doing them. The house will get done at some point and it won't look like a bomb went off in a toy store. Or at least it won't look like that until the Twinado wakes ups and comes back downstairs tomorrow. In all fairness, they are getting much better at cleaning up after themselves when I tell them to. They are definitely not neat children and don't clean up without reminders. They leave stuff every where and it can still be a fight, but they do some of it. I went too long without having them help me clean up and it's been a long process to make it habit here while they do an amazing job at the gym and school. I will have Zia cleaning up her stuff way before I ever started with the twins.

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