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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Poor Little Ponies

Can you guess which 2 My Little Ponies are Arya's and which 1 is Eiley's? I would like to blame Cork for this, but if I'm being honest, I have to admit that Arya probably got this type of behavior from my genes. Maybe.

We went on a walk tonight, like we do so many nights. Our goal is to have Arya and Eiley fall asleep in the stroller, so they get enough sleep. If they don't fall asleep in the stroller, then they play around in their room most nights, get up really early and are cranky the next day. If they fall asleep on the walk, we can move them into bed and they stay asleep. While we were walking, two kids passed us on their bikes. The first went by and the girls made this wooshing noise in unison. That noise is not something they've learned from us.They did it again as the second kid went by on his bike. They weren't as synchronized that time, but it was still a little eerie.

Arya said the word fabric today. Her version does not sound like fabric at all though. I asked her to repeat it for Cork so he could hear it and I won't be asking her to repeat it again. Some mispronunciations are funny and I've taken video of them. I figure if I laugh at those things and they repeat them in public, I'll look a little white trash because people may think I'm saying those words around them. Her version of fabric started with an F and was a slang term for someone who is gay. I definitely don't want her thinking she should say that in public looking for a laugh.

We put them to bed in summer pajamas. I found them wearing these winter pajamas when I checked on them before I went to bed.

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