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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Barbie Graveyard

After school today, we stayed at the gym for an open gym time. I brought a snack for the girls, but they were so excited to go into the gym and play with one of their teachers from last year, that they didn't want to their snack. Bad idea! Next time I will make sure they eat before playing. By the time we got home it was melt down city. I could not get them to eat because they were so hungry and throwing so many fits. I was feeding them peach and zucchini soup, both of which they love, so it wasn't that they didn't like the food. They just couldn't calm down long enough to eat.

Once I got the twins to finally eat, I dragged out some costumes from the basement and they spent most of the rest of the day in them. They took them off for dinner and for art time. I did not want to get glue all over costumes. Even Zia got into the costume mix.

At one point, one of them asked if I had Barbies. I have some in the house from when I was a kid, so I got them out and instantly cracked up at the Barbie Grave Yard. I did a little of this when I was young, but most of it was done by my niece. She must have copied me and the Barbies were so old that the plastic cracked when pulled apart and none of the pieces will go back together. Neither kid cared and they played anyway. They did have a Ken, Skipper and baby to play with that were whole. Arya made baby breast feed from Barbia.

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