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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I was in the bathroom today and heard a thud. That was followed by Arya yelling to me "Mom, I jump over Zia". I had to laugh since he couldn't see me, but I Lo had to tell her that it isn't okay to jump over Zia if she's laying on the ground.

I was making dinner and heard Eiley say "now we're in trouble". I then saw that they'd bought their sidewalk chalk inside and had drawn on the kitchen floor.

I gave Arya a thing of bubbles today and then reached in the closet to get some for Eiley. In that time, Arya got hers open, spilled one in the floor and smeared it all around with her foot.

Dora was on the tv today and she was singing with crabs. I asked the girls if the crabs looked like the hermit crabs they had seen on our vacation. Arya let me know they weren't the same because the crabs at the beach didn't sing.

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