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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Dentist Trip

Arya and Eiley had their first dental appointment today. It went pretty much as I expected. Eiley let the hygienist look in her mouth and count her teeth, but clamped up and was going to throw a fit if the hygienist tried anything else. Arya on the other hand hammed it up and let the hygienist clean her teeth. She loved it and even let the dentist poke at her teeth after her cleaning. Eiley then decided to get back in the chair because Arya got to pick out 2 little prizes for getting her teeth cleaned. Of course Eiley still wouldn't let the hygienist clean her teeth. Both sets of teeth look great from what they allowed the dentist and hygienist to see. This was a regular and not a kid dental office, but the staff was awesome. The receptionist put Dora on for the girls while we waited. The hygienist is the same one Cork and I go to. She has 4 boys of her own and the youngest isn't much older than the twins. She was great with them and didn't push them at all. She showed them all the tools before starting and had fun names for them. She really made the girls feel comfortable.

Arya was so sweet tonight. I am trying to get Zia to go to bed at an earlier time. She likes to take a short nap around 7:00 and then not go to bed until sometime between 9:30 and 10:30. I would much rather she stop that nap and go to bed before 9:30. Tonight, I nursed her in the dark in my room and put her down while she was completely asleep. I was hoping the darkness would help her stay asleep. No such luck. I was downstairs for about 2 minutes before I heard her stirring. I decided to give her a minute or two and see if she'd put herself back to sleep or not. During the day she's getting good at falling asleep on her own. She was not going back to sleep tonight and actually started crying. She does not cry. I went upstairs to get her and Arya was already in my room trying to sooth Zia. I don't know if Arya was awake and heard Zia or if Zia's crying woke her up, but she wanted to stay in my room with Zia so Zia could sleep. I let her stay in my room, but Zia went back downstairs with me because she was not going to sleep.

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