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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glow Sticks

Everyone in this house has a cold right now. Since no one has a fever, the older two still went to school today. Once we got home, I asked Arya if she blew her nose at school. She said "no, I just lick" and proceeded to show me how she licked the snot that dripped down toward her mouth. Wonderful.

Does this candle look appetizing to you? It was in a Halloween decoration and Eiley must have thought it was candy because she took a huge bite out of it.

During bath time tonight, I shut the blinds, turned off the lights and let the girls play with glow sticks. This was a HUGE hit. It's a nice time of year to do this because the bathroom is light enough that I can still see them, but the glow sticks really glow.

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