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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Issues

On Wednesdays, we usually stay at the gym after preschool for open gym. The girls get to eat a snack before we go in. Every week Arya wants to leave to go eat lunch and every week Eiley doesn't and throws a fit before we go. This week was no different. Arya was ready to go, Zia wasn't feeling well, and Eiley was ignoring me. When I told her that we were leaving she dramatically threw herself on the ground and started to scream "I don't wanna go yet". I told her she had two choices. She could either stop throwing a fit and I would help put on her shoes and coat or she could continue throwing a fit and have to do both herself. She kept throwing her fit. I ignored her as I put on Arya's stuff, put Zia in her seat, and got myself ready. Then I told Arya and Eiley we were leaving. Eiley started screaming harder because she then wanted me to put her shoes on and Arya started crying because "we can't leave Eiley." It quickly went downhill. Somehow I managed to convince Eiley to leave with me. Arya stopped crying and carried Eiley's shoes down the stairs while I carried her coat. Eiley calmed down enough to listen to me tell her that she now had 2 more choices. She could put her stuff on at the bottom of the stairs or she could go outside without and be cold and ruin her tights. She finally decided to stop fighting me and put everything on.  When we got home, I got chicken salad out of the fridge for sandwiches. I had told the kids earlier that they weren't eating peanut butter and jelly since they'd had a banana with peanut butter on it before school. Of course neither wanted chicken salad, both wanted tuna. I talked to them about tuna being the chicken of the sea. Then they were confused and wanted to know if the chicken salad was tuna. I tried to avoid more fits by telling them it was tuna if they wanted it to be. Maybe not the best strategy, but it worked. Both happily ate the chicken salad they thought was tuna. After, Eiley told me "I was having a few issues this morning." That was a gross understatement.

Later the kids were having a snack. Both wanted a green bowl, but we only had one clean. Eiley had asked first, so I told her she could have the green bowl. When I handed it to her, she looked at Arya and said "I get the green bowl, so too bad." While I tried not to laugh, I explained to her why it's not okay to talk to people like that. I have no idea where she heard something like that, but it was definitely said with lots of attitude.

The girls and I made cookies today. They wanted chocolate chips, white chips, butterscotch chips, golden raisins, dried cranberries, and marshmallows in them. An interesting combination. It wasn't too bad. I personally think they'd be good with just the dried fruit and chocolate chips. While we were making them, I looked over to see Eiley sticking her foot in her mouth. She was trying to bite one of her toenails. I just cut her nails yesterday, so they weren't long. She did have a snag though that I trimmed with nail clippers instead of having her bite them.

Poor Zia was sick today. She didn't have a fever, but obviously wasn't feeling well. I took her to the gym with us, but didn't put her in child care. I put her in an Ergo and walked around the track with her on my back. So many people on the track had comments for me. Many were concerned about me walking with her. She was awake for awhile and once she fell asleep I put up the Ergo hood to make sure her head didn't flop around. People had to check and make sure she could breath. It made me wonder if some of them had never seen a soft carrier before. Zia was much happier on my back than she would have been sitting at a table on my lap or in a stroller or car seat. She loves to ride around in the Ergo and watch what's going on around her.

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