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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brawling Twins

After school today, one of the girls' teachers came up to me to talk to me about their behavior in class today. She was very light hearted about it and was trying not to laugh. Apparently they were picking on each other and she kept separating them. They have been working on making calendars during art time. Each kid gets her hands painted a certain way and stamps them to make a different picture for each month. The girls were separated over and over, but every time the teacher looked up, one or the other hand moved so they were next to each other again. One time when she looked up, they were wrestling, which quickly turned into a hair pulling, biting, kicking mess. She has two girls of her own, who are close in age, and she said she knows how sisters can be. While it is funny, it's also somewhat embarrassing as a parent to have a teacher tell you that your kids were brawling during class. To make the story even better, I found out that the kids had also lied about who was who. Now each of their calendars have hand prints from both kids.

The twins were talking at dinner tonight about how their cousins were getting older. Eiley told me "every every day kids get older."

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