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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Goof Goof is 7 Months

Where have the last 7 months gone? Every month I look back and am surprised that another one has gone by. Our littlest is a joy to have around. Everyone loves her. The women in the day care at the gym never want to hand her over when I go to pick her up. She is as good for them as she is for us. I've been told by multiple people that she looks like a doll. A few have even said she looks like a cabbage patch doll. She's just so adorable and so good.

She's really into the cat right now. She'll grab handfuls of skin and fur if he gets too close. Thankfully he's good with her and he patiently waits for me to dislodge her hands instead of hissing, scratching, or biting. She wants to be on the move so bad. If she's on her stomach on the wood floor she will scoot herself backwards while she's trying to go forward. She runs herself into objects, like the couch legs, while doing this and then is stuck. She never yells once she's stuck, she just waits for us to get her.

The twins were playing with Barbies today. They left Ken like this and I couldn't not take a picture of him.

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