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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last week Arya was pounding food. She would eat more at every meal than Eiley and was snacking in between. This week the two of them have been staying up late every night instead of sleeping and she is exhausted. I'm guessing she is growing because Eiley is now pounding the food and doesn't need the sleep yet that Arya needs. I was picking out pajamas for Zia tonight while Cork put clean sheets on the twins' beds. Arya was in the room with him and I heard them talking about Arya needing to take her shoes off and get ready for bed. Cork told him that maybe Zia could help her. Arya said "Zia don't know how to do anything yet." By 6:20 Arya was asleep in my lap and nothing was waking her up.

While Arya is sort of right that Zia doesn't do anything yet, Zia is trying to do a lot of stuff. Today she ate some pear at the gym, some of our smoothie at snack time, and she ate banana at dinner. Before today, she only took a tiny bite of everything and really just for taste. Today she wanted bites and swallowed everything she opened her little mouth for. She's also trying to hard to stand on her own and be mobile.

I had a conference with the twins' teachers today. Both had an evaluation last week. Both are right on track where they should be. They can say their alphabet, trace their name, name their shapes, colors, etc. The teachers said that while they are right where they should be on those type of skills, they are worldly. That both Arya and Eiley can name uncommon animals and talk about a bunch of stuff in class that the other students don't know about. We're always checking books out of the library and we often look for things that cover different items or cultures. I was glad to hear that the time we spend at the library and reading books at home is paying off.

This is how I shovel the drive way when it isn't too cold outside.

This is relaxed Zia is when we come back inside.

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