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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Big Playground

We had a long day today. We went to the beach after breakfast and walked around a lot. The twins were so cute to watch. They ran around in the water with their shoes off and found shells. It was a bit cool and overcast so we didn't swim. Eiley had her feet wet for probably ten minutes when she threw her shells down and announced that she was cold,  done with the beach, and doesn't like the beach. Good thing we didn't plan on spending all day there. We left after about 90 minutes, had lunch with their grandparents, and then took the kids swimming. All three had a blast in the pool. We were the only ones there, which was probably a good thing because the twins would have soaked anyone else there.

I between lunch and the pool, we took the kids to a safety fair across the street from our hotel. The girls saw a bounce house and wanted to go jump. There was a really nice playground there, so we spent a good chunk of time on the equipment. I wish we had a park like this one around us. It had so many things I had never seen before and the ground was super soft.

She's so close, but not quite there.

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