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Friday, May 10, 2013

A New Climber

I was at a store today with all three kids. Zia was in the Ergo on my back and I was carrying the diaper bag on my shoulder. I turned around at one point and hit Eiley in the head with the diaper bag. She was super tired and very cranky already. She immediately started to cry and yelled at me "momma stop hurting me." Talk about embarrassing. I thought someone was going to come check and see how I was abusing my poor child with how much she was yelling. She crashed in the car on the way home and there was no waking her.

Remember Keeta the mermaid? She's still around. Arya still draws her and talks about her all the time. Today she said "You know what Keeta do when she has to go potty? She poop in the ocean!"

And the climbing begins.

Cork brought the Little Tykes cars up from the basement tonight. Zia absolutely loved riding in it. The pink one has a bottom we can put in, so she can't fall out of it. It's perfect for her, until she let herself out and fell out the door. She wasn't bothered by it though, she just crawled away.

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