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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who Needs a Skirt?

My day was insane today. I told a friend this morning that she could drop her daughter here any time this summer if she's ever in a bind for childcare. I let her know later in the day that she might not want to do this if thins continue like they have been lately. I was trying to clean up our kitchen after lunch today. Zia loves to eat food off the ground and attack anything in the dishwasher the second it opens. Because of this, I have to clean up in an organized fashion. Or at least I try. Today was so unorganized. It took me forever because I had to keep stopping to break up a fight, pull Zia out of something, pull things out of her mouth etc. When I was finishing I heard the twins yelling at me that Zia was in the bathroom. Eiley had used the potty and not flushed, shut the lid, or the bathroom door. I found Zia throwing around dirty toilet paper. Wonderful. I got her and the floor all cleaned up. After dinner I got to clean the floor again since Eiley wet it while I was bathing Zia.

Sometimes I feel like having twins isn't that hard and at other times I realize that having two three year olds in the house, or out in public, definitely is harder than just having one. A simple trip to the fabric store can take an hour. I realize that can happen with one kid, but if I'm paying attention to one, the other is into something. While I help her restock a shelf, the first one is into something else. This is my day everyday. A third mobile child adds to that, but as Zia gets older, I realize how much easier each stage is with one child in that stage. As a first time mom, I don't always realize how insane life with multiples can be. Someone recently put something on facebook about Twin Escalation Syndrome. How each always tries to outdo the other, which makes them louder, messier, crazier etc. than a single child. I laughed because that's my life. They love to outdo each other. It makes for some very crazy days, but also makes for a lot of laughter and entertainment.

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