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Friday, May 17, 2013


The twins were doing mazes at preschool today. The kids in the class did not know how to do them, so the teachers explained that they needed to draw with their pencils, avoid crossing any lines, and get from the beginning to the flower at the end. Their teacher told us that Arya got the gold star for the day. She immediately drew from the start, all the way around the outside of the maze, straight to the flower. I cracked up when I heard this because I'm sure it's something I would have done as a child as well.

I was picking up today and found this. Eiley had written her last name on a sheet of paper. She knows how to spell it, but I've never worked with her to write it. She's stubborn and refuses to write a lowercase "e" even though she can trace it just fine. Her teachers have been working with her on this, but she tells them over and over that she wants to do the "other E." Her teachers are not working on writing last names either, so this was all on her own. I was pretty proud when I found it and made sure she knew so she will hopefully be willing to do it again.

We all went out for dinner tonight. I've had a very rough week with the kids. I let the older two watch an hour of tv today while Zia napped. They haven't watched tv in weeks and I did nothing while they watched. I sat and read a book. That's something I never do during the day, but I needed the break, just as I needed a break from cooking. We went to Cheesecake Factory because we had a gift card to use up. We had enough on it that I got a mojito and we all split a piece of cheesecake. We'll see how Zia handles that tomorrow. I'm sure she'll spit up some, but she's handling dairy much better these days. Zia didn't get any of the cheesecake, but Cork did give her pieces of Oreo. She loved it. It was hilarious to watch her. She had already plowed through so much food. I don't know what happened this week, but on Monday she just decided to eat and since then she's been eating three meals per day. She's not taking one or two bites and then deciding she's done. She's feeding everything to herself to.

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