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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cork and his Girls

These are the pics I took of Cork and the girls. I purposely brought them to school without labeling them to see if the teachers knew which kid was which. They had no clue and asked that I label them.

Poor Zia. She had to poo today, so she crawled over to her slide and stood up to take care of business. And then I took a picture of her.

When I had the photos printed, one of them came back with a black spot on it, so we had to wait at the store while a new one was printed. I let the kids play in the toy aisle and they had a blast. A strange woman came up to us and kept trying to talk to the girls and look at them. They of course had no interest in her since they were playing. She was saying things like "Girl, hey girl, look at me". I don't think she's had much interaction with three year olds if she really thought that was going to make them want to stop what they were playing and look at her.

Zia slept on me this afternoon and we all played in the blue chair.

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