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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zia Puppy

I can't remember if I have said this before, but I love how when someone tells the kids "Thank you" they both reply with "I welcome."

Zia is like my little puppy. She's always happy and she tries to eat everything she shouldn't. I found her today with paper in her mouth. I have taught her, just like the twins, to open her mouth when I say "ahhhh". She doesn't always do it, but most of the time she does and I can see what's there and then try to get her to give it to me. Today, I told her to say "Ahhh" and as I had my mouth open doing that she blew a raspberry and spit a big spitball of paper right into my mouth. Of course she cracked up at my reaction.

I mowed the lawn today while Zia napped. Both of the twins were outside playing in their playset when I started. Eiley disapeared into the house and I didn't think anything of it. I finished mowing and then heard her screaming. I went to check on her and she was in the bathroom. The door wasn't locked and she can open it herself, so it took a minute to figure out what was going on. She had seen a fly, and thought it was a bee. She freaked out and ran inside, then shut herself in the bathroom because she was convinced it had followed her into the house. I felt awful. I didn't know she was afraid of bees. She's never been stung. Arya was stung last summer and I don't think it was very traumatic for her. She calmed right down as soon as I opened the bathroom door but at first when I asked what was wrong she told me that she didn't know.

I gave Eiley two plantain chips this afternoon. Then I gave her one more a few minutes later. She said "Momma, two and one makes three." Cork came home about an hour later and gave her another one. She told him she now had four. She's a smart little thing, especially since no one has worked on addition with her.

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