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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Birthday Party for Z

Today was Zia's first birthday party and she had a ball. She just loves when we have a house full of people. We kept things small and just had Mema, Bepa, Great Grandma Bernice, Nana, Papa, and Uncle Greggy here. She took one nap and still didn't want to go to bed when I put her down at 7:45, 45 minutes after her normal time. This was after she didn't go to bed until 9:00 last night.

We also kept the food pretty simple. Burgers, beans, baked corn, and a few veggie appetizers. She ate a bunch and thought she was done, until she spied her cupcake. She had a tiny cupcake on her birthday and did not forget what that was. The one on her birthday was a much healthier cupcake with whole wheat flour, coconut, and almond meal. Today's cake was all white flour, but it was colored with home made dyes from beats, egg yolk, blueberries, blackberries, and saffron. Zia dug into the frosting first today. She chowed on that for a good few minutes before discovering the cake. Eventually she just mashed the whole thing up. She didn't want the colored balls in the middle of her cake. She started by throwing that behind her head and then kept dropping handfuls onto her neck. When I picked her up, her bib weighted about a pound. I took her into the yard to take her clothes off and try to knock some of the cake off of her.

She got a cute outfit and hat from Nana and Papa, a baby doll, two outfits, and a Little People's train from Cork and me, a check from Great Grandma Bernice, and Legos from Mema and Bepa. Of course she loved it all, but her favorite was the baby doll. She gave it a great big hug and pat it on the back.

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