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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Church Children

Today was the first day since last fall that we had all three kids in church with no other family members there to help. Sunday school is done for the summer, so the older two have to try to patiently make it through services until school starts again in the fall. Today's service was a good with with lots of choir music. It's sort of like the choir's grand finale until the fall since they too get the summer off. The kids were good, but high energy through the entire service. Zia wouldn't sit still and figured out that if she dropped stuff, people around us would pick it up. The twins were wearing the princess dresses Nana made them. Eiley was complaining about being hot, then cold, then lifting the entire dress to sit and giving everyone behind us a show. Both of the older two were playing with activity bags the church provides, but that doesn't keep them still or quiet. The service ended and we were a little exhausted. Some older woman came up to us and complimented us on how we handled the kids and talked about how active they all are. Someone else commented on my hands being full. I had to laugh because they weren't complementing us on how well behaved the kids were, but how well we handled them. Pretty funny.

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