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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Summer Day

We've been missing our second set of van keys for awhile now. As you can see in the background, things can easily get lost in the mess of kid toys. Arya found the keys today and was so proud of herself.

I thought I'd write down what goes on around here during the day. My goal is to keep the kids busy this summer, but with me and not with classes and sports. We will have some much calmer days, but this is how today went.

5:45 I woke and did a 30 minute workout in the basement
6:20 I hopped in the shower and took the time to clean it to give myself a few extra moments of peace
6:35 Start to dress, fed Zia, did my hair, picked clothes out for all of the kids, and changed Zia's diaper
7:00 Got the kids dressed, made pancakes, and started beans for tonight's dinner
By 9:00 I had finished washing diapers, had another load of diapers in, cleaned up breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, done the kids hair, helped brush their teeth, packed a snack, fed and changed Zia again, and we were out the door for a sing a long at a library.
10:30 We got home and I fed Zia again. We picked "pennies", which most people will know as peonies. I started stripping Zia's night diapers (boiling 4x on the stove), switched laundry, got the older two started doing an art project, and picked up the family room.
By 1:00 we had eaten lunch, I fed Zia again and pumped while feeding her. Let me tell you that trying to use a manual pump, while feeding a baby, and reading books to 2 other kids, is no easy feat. I cleaned up the kitchen again from lunch while the kids destroyed the living room. I supervised them picking up. We started a list of things to do this summer to add to a poster board. Then we left for our library story time.
By 3:00 we were back home. All the kids had a snack and then I read books to them on the kitchen floor while I cooked dinner. Once I had enough done in the kitchen, we moved out of there to play.
By 5:15 the kids and I had eaten and Zia and I were out the door to go to a Mommy and Baby group.
By 7:10 I was home and spent the next 35 minutes trying to get all three kids to bed.
7:45 I sat on the couch with a book and a small bowl of ice cream for some Me time.
8:05 I am done with Me time. I finished picking up the house while Cork did work in the yard. After cleaning, I worked on a poster for the kids for this summer until 9:45. In that time, I was switching my 5th load of laundry to the drier and running upstairs to keep the twins in bed.
9:45 I headed upstairs to pack my gym back to get up at 5:00 so I can get a workout in tomorrow.
10:00 I am in bed
10:13 I am totally out and Zia is up to eat
10:27 Zia is back in bed and so am I. Despite being gone so long and all the cleaning, I still feel like my house is not neat enough when I go to bed, but I'm tired and just don't care enough to stay up any longer.

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