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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Few More Steps

If you saw your twins sword fighting with forks, would you?
A: Take the forks away and tell them to knock it off.
B: Take the forks away, replace them with spoons, and tell them they aren't allowed to cry if they get hurt.
C: Let them continue sword fighting with the forks.

If you're me, you pick option B. It's the easiest solution to prevent screaming and allows me to finish cooking dinner. I think this qualifies me as not a hovering parent.

Zia took three steps today. I put her down in the family room and she took three steps before squatting down to crawl.

This is how I cook most days. Fun times. She wants to be near me all the time right now. Teething is not treating her well. Arya was playing with my phone. She took about 60 pictures and this was one of them.

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