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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cat Chaser

I'm always telling the girls to "be nice to the kitty" when they are petting one. Today, I witnessed both girls chasing after Ingogh, screaming "Ni" (their version of nice) at the top of their lungs. Poor cat.

I tried to distract them by telling them to go watch the other cat eat. I was throwing dinner together and I figured that was a good way to keep them occupied where I could see them. I looked over a couple seconds later and Arya had moved almost all the food from the food bowl to the water bowl and Sikozu was no where in sight. I tried not to laugh and told her not to do that. She looked down at the bowl, looked up at me, flashed me a huge smile, laughed out loud, danced and then dug her hand back into the water bowl.

Eiley has figured out how to stack things. I've been trying to get them to stack soft blocks for ages. I guess cans are way more interesting than soft blocks.

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