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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sticker Back

Arya put a sticker on Eiley's back today. Like mother like daughter. LOL.

The climbing in this house has gotten a little out of control. I pulled Arya off of the top of the changing table over and over and over again. Eiley brought me my cell phone 5 times from the kitchen counter before I finally put it high in a cupboard. While the climbing is funny, and they are usually safe, I do have to save them and it's hard to do that when they are constantly going in different directions. Arya climbed into the back of a chair today and dove into her highchair which was on a different chair. This didn't work so well and when I saw her she was head down, feet in the air, barely hanging onto the chair. Any longer and she would have taken a header into the tile floor. I found Eiley a little while later suspended between a chair and her highchair. She was stretched out about as far as she could get without falling. Thankfully, both kids yell or say "stuck" when they get in trouble, so I usually get them before there is a big accident. They do fall, but so far there haven't been any major injuries, just some hurt pride.

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