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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Water Fun

I thought I might be able to leave the kids alone today for a few seconds to use the bathroom. Nope. In the few seconds it took me to urinate and wash my hands, Arya had climbed the changing table and sprayed water everywhere. We use cloth wipes when we are home, so there is always a water bottle by their changing table that I used to wet the wipes. Both kids know it's there and it's their new favorite toy.

We got packed up after the water incident and went to the zoo. While there, the kids shared a banana. Arya always has to hold the peel if they are sharing a banana. Most of the time I cut or break the banana in half and Eiley will take the half without the peel. Eiley said she didn't want any, then she started staring at Arya.

Arya offered the banana.

Eiley tried to take a bite.

Arya moved it away though.

Finally she let Eiley have a bite.

When we got home, our food wars continued. Arya would not touch her lunch and I wouldn't let her have anything else until she at least took a bite. She stared down that spoon forever before she finally picked it up....and then she dumped it. She never ate it though and went from 10:00, when she had her banana, until dinner without eating. She ate a lot of dinner though.

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