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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lotion, Soap and Snot, Oh My

Arya has a cold, so we stayed home all day today. She's sneezing like crazy, flinging clear stingy mucus everywhere. Halfway through my shower I realized that both kids had suddenly become very quiet. I got out of the shower to find Eiley, and patches of my carpet, full of lotion that she'd gotten out of the cabinet with the baby proof lock on it. Not to be outdone by her sister, Arya was covered in snot! I cleaned snot out of her pacifier so many times today. She got to suck on it since she was sick. I would have pulled it away, but it was trapping some of the mucus she was losing.

I kept finding snot on everything today. It was even dripping off of a kitchen chair. While I was busy cleaning up snot, I didn't notice that Eiley had taken hand soup off the kitchen counter. I found her playing with the soap on the family room rug and Arya rubbing snot into the rug next to the soap. Arya was busy practicing her acrobats after lunch while E was busy taking the soap without me noticing. I didn't realize she had done it while I snapped this picture until I downloaded it.

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