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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nigh Nigh Bubba

The kids and I met some friends at the zoo today. One of the friends wanted to go into the bird area. I hate the bird area because it smells and there are birds flying over head dropping poop bombs on everyone. We were in the open fowl area for less than 2 minutes and both kids managed to get pooped on. I posted about it on facebook and one of my FB friends said it sounds like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss book "Twin's zoo trip gets twinned poop drip".

I found Arya spread out on the ground like a yard sale a few times today. I suspected Eiley was being a bully and pushing her, but didn't see it to know for sure. After dinner tonight, I finally saw Eiley give Arya a shove and it was a pretty hefty shove. Arya went flying and I quickly stepped in. I put Eiley on a time out and she got it. She stayed in the corner, giving me this pitiful look over her shoulder until I told her she was done. I couldn't believe that 1) she understand she had to stay in the time out and 2) that she actually did stay in the time out. My kids do not like to sit in one place unless they are eating. They do follow directions pretty well. She found a pacifier today and really wanted it even though it wasn't nap time. I had allowed them to suck on their "bubbas" at the zoo since they were tired and a bit cranky. She didn't need it this afternoon though. I tell them that bubba goes night night. Eiley ran up to me to show me she had a pacifier. I told her that bubba needed to go night night. She looked at it, looked at me, back and forth, flashing me this gorgeous smile. Arya watched this and kept saying "nigh nigh". I told Eiley again that bubba needed to go night night. She tilted her head down, looked at me with upraised eyes, pouted her bottom lip out and handed the bubba over to me.

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