Welcome to the Roe household blog. We're attempting to post 365 days of pictures in a Roe. Cork and I have been married since 2002 and welcomed identical daughters in August of 2009 after a struggle with infertility. Our girls were definitely worth the wait and I say they were destined to be here because they were conceived on my birthday, due on my sister's birthday and born on my grandma's birthday. What are the chances of that! We welcomed our third daughter in June of 2012. We all fell in love with her right away. She has two amazing older sisters who love to watch over her.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beach Bums

The kids stayed up late again last night. We laid down with them early, but they were super charged and had no intentions of sleeping. This morning, they slept a little later than we did. I peeked in to check on them and had to laugh because I could see Eiley, but could only see Arya's arm. We took them to the beach with their cousins and the weekend finally caught up to them. They both fell asleep in our laps.

After we got home, we unpacked and cleaned up most of our stuff and then I took the kids to the pool. My hope was to tire them out so they would sleep well. They had a break down when we were getting them ready for a bath.

Arya had a tick on her this morning. I didn't think to take a picture of it because I wanted it off of her as fast as possible. The tick was tiny, smaller than any other tick I've ever seen. We got it off and I'll be watching for a rash or ring to make sure she didn't get lyme disease.

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