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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do Dow

Arya wanted to read her kitty book today while Eiley was eating a snack. I put Arya in a chair, gave her the book and then turned to walk back into the kitchen to watch Eiley. When I turned, Arya said to me "Do Dow Mama, Do Dow" in this really stern voice. She was ordering me to sit down. She's been telling Eiley to sit down lately, but she's never said it to anyone else.

If you look at the picture, you might notice two things. First, she's wearing her favorite pants. They are clearance Halloween pants from Target that I got for $1. They are her favorite thing to wear and she put them on over her shorts today. I got them out of her closet to bring camping with us this weekend. They are a little short, but I figured that wouldn't matter while camping. Second, she's holding the cat tail from the book and trying to put it back in place. She or Eiley ripped that tail out right after we got the book. So far they haven't destroyed anything else in the book. They seem to be perfectly happy to rip out that tail over and over again.

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