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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sleep Where You Are

I took the kids grocery shopping today. They walked through about half of the store and were worn out by the time we finished. Both fell asleep on the way home and I wanted them to get up so they would nap later. I left them standing on the family room floor and went to grab a load of groceries out of the van. I came back to find both of them fast asleep on the floor. I left them there since they can sleep through just about anything. I put all the food away and talked to a couple people on the phone while they snoozed. They woke up just as I finished putting stuff away and that was it for the naps today.

I had to do dinner prep with them awake since they weren't going to nap again. I had them on the counter while I sliced veggies. Both decided to take a bite out of brussels sprout I had sitting on the counter. Apparently raw brussels sprouts are not that bad.

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