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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't Turn Your Back

I forgot to mention that we finally had Arya and Eiley's two year check up last Friday. They had both gained 3 lbs and grown 3 inches in the last 6 months. They went from 5% to 25% in height. Arya is now 22 lbs 6 oz and Eiley is now 23 lbs 11 oz. The nurse checked the height more than once because of how much they grew compared to what they had been doing. The nurse and pediatrician asked a bunch of questions to find out if Arya and Eiley were where they should be developmentally. One of the questions was whether or not they can stack blocks. I figured they could, but couldn't really answer since they never play with any type of blocks. Then this morning Eiley grabbed a bunch of duplos and stacked them. She was so proud. Right after I snapped the picture, she picked up the stack and took it into the kitchen to show Cork.

I've been sort of lazy this summer as far as what I feed the kids for lunch. Peanut butter or almond butter and jelly has been really easy to bring with us if I needed to pack a lunch. Grilled cheese was easy when we were home and didn't have leftovers. I decided I need to start feeding them more than PB&J, so today I let them help me make hummus. Neither would touch hummus if I bought it at the grocery store. They love chickpeas all of the sudden, so I figured if I had them help me make it, they might eat it once they saw what went into it. I was right. I turned my back for 2 seconds and turned back around to see that Eiley had dipped a spoon into the food processor and taken a huge mouthful of the hummus.

I obviously didn't learn my lesson about turning my back when we made hummus. This afternoon, I decided it would be a great idea to have the kid help me make banana bread. Arya spilled baking soda and both kids cracked an egg before we even started. The rest of the banana bread making went just about as well. Thankfully the bread turned out despite them trying to throw extra stuff into the bowl.

I turned my back one other time today and the kids pulled flowers off of some mums my mom planted for me a couple weeks ago. Lovely!

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