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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Arya and Eiley had their first day of preschool today. Cork happened to have the day off, so he was able to come with me to drop them off and pick them up. Both kids happily walked right into the room. We got them settled and left and could hear Eiley start crying right away. This is really unusual for her and I figured she was just still tired from this weekend and would stop shortly. The classroom has one wall of windows that is a mirror on the kid side and a window on the hallway side. We stood out in the hall for a couple minutes. Most parents standing there were watching to see if their child was crying or not and how they were doing. I was watching to see how the two teachers were going to handle the chaos of sixteen 2 year olds on the first day of class. They did amazing. One of them scooped up Eiley and she stopped crying right away. Arya was already off playing with toys and did not care at all that we'd left her.

We picked up the girls 90 minutes later and they were happy to see us. Their teachers both commented on how well they follow directions and how independent they are. They have had other twins in their classes and the twins have always had to be together. Arya and Eiley were together some, but not all the time. When they were told to pick a seat at tables, they picked seats at different tables. The only thing they did the same was choose to play with play dough during their free activity time. This didn't surprise me since they can't get enough of that stuff.

All in all it was a great first day. I didn't shed tears and wasn't sad at all. I love seeing them do new things and love that they are confident and independent enough to do this with little to no tears. I think they are going to have an amazing year.

The girls are now all sophisticated and mature since they've had a day at school. I caught Eiley trying to snap Arya with a towel tonight. They were in the back hall while Cork and I cleaned up dinner. They were both having a great time laughing and squealing.

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