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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Neigh Neigh

The kids were supposed to bring apples to school today. I put apples in their backpacks last night so I wouldn't forget. I was cleaning up breakfast and saw the two of them spinning in circles in the family room. Of course they'd gotten into the front hall closet, opened their backpacks, taken out their apples and were eating them. I got them new apples for school. The class was going to eat some of the apples, but was also going to paint with some of them. A&E weren't the only kids who bit their apples before class, but they were the only ones who had taken more than one or two bites and were the only ones who did it while still ate home.

After school I was washing our cloth diapers since we were going away for a few days. Arya decided to forgo clothes after lunch and I heard her yelling "neigh neigh" in the family room. I thought she was being a horse until I walked in to find her trying to str.ip down Eiley. Her "neigh neigh" was actually her telling Eiley to get na.ke.d.

And because it's funny...A throwing a fit before lunch. She did not want her photo taken while she was screaming.

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