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Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've been doing this blog long enough that I forget about posts I've done and things I've written about. I took my pictures for today and then planned out in my head what I'd write about. Tonight a friend mentioned on Facebook that she took her twins to the DMV with her and that reminded me of the time I took my kids to the DMV last year. I couldn't remember exactly what the woman said to me, so I looked up my post. Right after that post I found this one. And that one pretty much sums out today's post.

I don't know if I've taken a picture of the kid sleeping in their cribs this year. I snuck in there at nap time, turned on the light and snapped my pictures without them waking up. It's good to know that they'll not only sleep through the construction outside, but also the bright light in their room.

I took the sleeping picture to show that they do eventually calm down and sleep. I love when they sleep because they can't make a mess while they are doing it. I was scooping the cat boxes today and the girls were playing in their room. They quickly emptied drawers from their dresser and then moved down the hall to their new toddler room. All their winter clothes are in the dresser in that room. Or maybe I should say all their winter clothes were in the dresser in that room. I knew they were in there when Eiley walked down the hall with a shirt to tell me is was "coot" (cute).

I need to write soon about their enormous language explosion. The two of them will repeat anything they hear and have new words every day. Coot is one of those words. Another one of them is junk. I told Arya a few days ago that I wasn't giving her junk food. Yesterday I asked her what she wanted to eat and she yelled "junk" then followed it with a huge smile and a laugh.

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