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Friday, November 2, 2012

Candy Boob Job

Eiley was pretty cranky when she woke up this morning. She was sitting on the counter, next to Arya, and Arya tried to talk to her. Eiley yelled "Arya, don't talk at me". I told her that was being a stinky fish. So she very nicely said "Arya, don't talk at me." I guess next time I need to specify that it's not just how she's saying that, but also the fact that she's saying it, that's not very nice.

Side note: Stinky fish is something they've learned at school. If either is doing something that she shouldn't, the other calls her a stinky fish. It's amazing how effective calling them a stinky fish is. They get it and neither wants to be a stinky fish.

Zia couldn't seem to figure out that she was lying next to a doll today and she kept trying to nurse from its head.

I know she'll pay me back for stuff like this later in life.

Eiley took candy out of the kitchen today. She was so upset that I noticed she had it. She had stuffed it into her shirt as if I wasn't going to notice she'd just grown boobs. I also found candy stuffed into one of their gloves.

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