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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Things They Say

Having a new child in the house has made me a little tired lately. I realized that by the end of the day, I'm not remembering all the things they've been saying. Today, I decided to write down some of the things the older 2 say.

A: Momma my so mad.
V: I'm sorry. Why are you so mad?
A: Cause you not letting me have junk food.

Over the last two days Eiley ate a Tootsie Pop. Upon finishing it today she announced "Mommy, I finished the giant sucker."

On the way home from school, Arya was throwing a gigantic fit. At first I tried to figure out why, then I just sat back and enjoyed it. She had a Barbie and a baby Barbie in her seat with her. Apparently, baby Barbie would not stop kicking. Arya was very upset about the baby Barbie and that was what her screaming, crying, and kicking the seat in front of her was about.

The girls wanted to play "school" today. They have a rug at their real school with stars on it. Each kid has to "sit on a star" when it's time to read books, listen to the teachers etc.  I was looking for stars for the kids, but didn't have any big ones and wasn't going to cut any out of paper right then. Instead, I grabbed a couple big butterflies we already had cut out. The girls went to the basement before me and I heard them arguing over the butterflies. Arya screamed at Eiley "Purple is MINE Eiley." Maybe we need to get them out of their color comfort zone.

I said something to the girls about going to Target. I figured there would be sales and I like to get their clothes on sale when I can. Arya asked why I was going, so I told her about sales and how we try to save money when we can. Her response "For Old McDonalds?" Old McDonalds is her name for McDonalds. Once Corky told her that if she broke stuff and we had to replace it, we wouldn't have money to do fun things like go out to eat. Apparently she remembered what he said.

All day long the kids are trying to get me to eat candy. They offered me a sucker over and over and over. I think they think that if I eat one then they get one.

Poor Zia can't even sleep in peace. She was in the basement with us while we played. She was trying so hard to sleep, but Arya kept trying to pry her eyes open. Then, Eiley came over to join in. Thankfully Zia loves to have them in her face.

She's getting better and better at this.

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