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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holding April

Most people do not let their kids touch the elf on the shelf. I don't care. Or at least I usually don't care. Every morning, the kids find April, play with her a little and then I put her back up on the high shelf. Today, Eiley came into the kitchen to tell me that Arya had April. I went into the family room to find this. April had been up in the far left corner by the blue box in the picture. I asked how she got it and she showed me. Yikes! I was not going to take a picture of that. I asked her to not do it again. While both girls are great at climbing and I'm rarely nervous, this made me nervous. Thankfully she's on a built in bookcase that can't be tipped.

We went to the kids museum today and spent over 3 hours there. We left when Eiley threw a huge GIGANTIC fit. The type of fit that no one around you can pretend to ignore and everyone wonders if there is something wrong with the child. Nope, nothing wrong. She's just 3 and has her opinions on things. We were decorating paper gingerbread men. I thought everyone was done, so started cleaning up. I took one pair of orange scissors and dropped the other on the floor. Her fit started when she screamed she wasn't done. I told her she could finish using the scissors from the floor, but she wanted the ones I'd put back and I couldn't calm her down to listen to me. She started yelling her new favorite thing to say to me "Don't talk at me" and then it just went downhill from there.

Zia got a taste of avocado tonight. She was indifferent on the taste, but gagged on the texture. So I'll wait a few weeks before I try again. I'm in no hurry because she's doing just fine right now without eating solids.

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