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Friday, November 9, 2012

Internal Organs

The kids have been asking for candy and dessert after every meal and multiple times in between. Every morning I tell them that we don't do candy after breakfast. Today, Arya kept asking why. So, I explained how her blood sugar can sky rocket in the morning if she eats a lot of sugar since she's been fasting all night and how that can damage her internal organs. She gave me this great look and then said, "I don't have internal organs."

I've been making "chocolate milk" lately for the girls and myself. It's almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, ground oatmeal, banana, & natural peanut butter. I was going to make some today, but when I opened the fridge, I couldn't find the peanut butter. I asked the girls "do you know where the peanut butter is?" and Arya took off to our office. We have bags in there for our trip to Dallas. She came out of the office carrying the peanut butter. I laughed and went on to make the chocolate milk. About 20 or 30 minutes later I realized that the girls had told me "Uncle Jason doesn't have peanut butter or popsicles at his house". Uh oh! I went to the office to find popsicles, frozen peas and frozen raspberries packed with our bags. Thankfully my sleep deprived mind made the connection. The popsicles are watermelon ground up with honey and lime in they are just in the home made popsicle containers, so they could have leaked everywhere.Whenever we go somewhere, they are responsible for packing their own clothes. I tell them to pick out a certain number of shirts, shorts, pants etc. I sit there while they pick stuff out and supervise them, but they do it. I guess they're so used to packing their clothes that they decided to help with some other things too.

We're trying to eat up things in the house for our trip, so meals have been interesting this week. Tonight, the girls and Cork had frozen pizza and I have fake chicken, grapes and some other odds and ends. Arya wanted some fruit after her pizza. I was up, getting myself some more food. Cork got up as Arya asked, so I told her "maybe daddy will get the apple for you." Arya states "mommy, that's your job!" Wow!

If you were a 3 year old, where would you hide a mini pumpkin in a house? I've looked everywhere and can only find one of our two mini pumpkins. I fear that I'll have to find the other one by smell once it starts to rot.

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