Welcome to the Roe household blog. We're attempting to post 365 days of pictures in a Roe. Cork and I have been married since 2002 and welcomed identical daughters in August of 2009 after a struggle with infertility. Our girls were definitely worth the wait and I say they were destined to be here because they were conceived on my birthday, due on my sister's birthday and born on my grandma's birthday. What are the chances of that! We welcomed our third daughter in June of 2012. We all fell in love with her right away. She has two amazing older sisters who love to watch over her.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Breakfast Cookies

Every day the girls beg for cookies and candy after breakfast. If I ask what they want for breakfast, most days they start by saying cookies. They finished breakfast today and Arya asked for a cookie. I told her "no" and yet again explained that we don't eat cookies or candy int he morning. She then told me "it's still kind of night night time". She was right. It was still sort of dark out. I laughed, told her "nice try", but she still didn't get her cookie.

I tried to feed Zia avocado today at about 9:00 pm. I wondered if she was hungry and maybe that's why she wasn't sleeping. Nope. She just wasn't ready to sleep. She didn't gag on it until she'd taken a few bites, but she wasn't loving it. She happily nursed about 15 minutes later, so she was hungry.

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