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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cutting a Christmas Tree

We cut down a Christmas tree today. This is something we've never done with the kids. It seemed much more manageable this year with two preschoolers and an infant than it has in the past. The fact that Arya and Eiley are so much more independent this year makes it doable now. I wore Zia in the Ergo. We carried the twins some around the lot, but they had to walk back to the car while Cork and I carried the tree. They had so much fun decorating when we got home, but we didn't finish. We'll have to do more tomorrow. We had a party to go to tonight, so we stopped putting "decolations" on the tree to get ready.

Arya was hilarious at the Christmas tree lot. She kept pointing to trees she wanted. Each one she picked out was like a Charlie Brown tree. Most were just super young and had a rough summer with our heat and dry weather, but one had no green on it at all. I started taking her picture with the trees she picked out because she was cracking me up.

Today, I also put away some of Zia's clothes that don't fit and got out 6 month and some 6-9 month sizes. It's crazy to think that she is already almost 6 months. The first outfit I put her in is one that she should be able to wear a long time. I love the pants because the hem folds down to lengthen them. Zia loved looking at the dots on her pants and tried to grab them over and over while she was sitting on the floor.

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