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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

Cork: Arya do you need some daddy time?
Eiley: No Dadda. I'm not Arya.

Zia talks to us, a lot. Her version of talking is a whole lot of screaming. It's pretty funny to listen to. She's scream and scream until someone looks at her and then she does this high pitched screeching sound. Tonight she figured out how to make some consonant sounds. I was busy and let her take a nap around 4:30 tonight, which is just a really bad idea. So she refused to go to sleep. She and Cork were on the floor around 9:00 and she was babbling away with lots of G, B and D sounds.

I think having little kids in the house must mean you have to have a constant battle over food. We don't really fight, but we eat a pretty diverse diet and I want the kids to at least try everything we eat. Tonight we had roasted beets with goat cheese with dinner. We haven't had them in a few months and neither Arya nor Eiley wanted to try them. I let them know they were being like Green Eggs and Ham and they both agreed to try. And like with so many other things they finally try, they liked it.

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