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Monday, December 24, 2012

Espresso Beans

We had a great Christmas eve today. We originally planned on going to the 6:00 church service, but it just is a hard time to get there with trying to eat dinner and be in time to get a seat. That, plus the fact that the kids ate a bunch of chocolate covered espresso beans, made us decide that the 10:00 service would be better. All of the kids were up later than they should have been and slept through the entire service. We did cookies for santa and carrots for reindeer before we left for church so we could put the kids to bed right when we got home with no distractions. It didn't matter. Both barely stirred and just wanted to be tucked into bed.

This morning, we took the kids swimming. Cork took Zia into the locker room with him. I took Arya and Eiley in the room with me. Arya was on a roll. While we were getting ready, I told the twins we needed to hurry because Zia would be getting mad. Arya said "yeah, cause she wants boob." Yes, Arya has been listening to her father too much. Then she told me that my pants weren't going to fit anymore because I'm getting older and bigger and my butt is going to be too big. Wonderful. Such a delight on Christmas eve. She just kept chatting away in the locker room and I could hear people laughing at our conversations.

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