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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to ME! I had a conversation with Arya today about how old I am.
A: Mom, how old are you?
V: 35
A: Soon I'll be 35.
V: Probably not for another 32 years or so.
A: Yeah, like after Christmas.

Zia is 6 months old today. I can't believe how fast the last 6 months went compared to the first 6 months with twins. Lately she has decided that she doesn't need sleep. She's up more at night, staying up later and getting up way before the sun. When your child is ready for a nap by 6:30 am, she's getting up way too early. She wanted to nap today at 2:00 and I wouldn't let her. She tried again at 4:00 and I let her sleep about 10 minutes. She was happy once she got up and then was thankfully ready for bed at 7:00 and not 9:30 like last night. She's getting really good at sitting. I can leave her and most of the time if she falls she can control her body enough that she doesn't bang her head. Of course I don't leave her on a hard floor, but she's fine on carpet or a rug. I fed her peas for the first time today. It went pretty much like avocado. She gets super excited when she tastes it, but then has no clue what to do with it. She swallows a little and then gags. I wanted to try something other than avocado to make sure it wasn't just that she didn't like what I was feeding her. She does enjoy tasting things even if she doesn't really eat it. Today she happily sucked on a slice of apple, tasted some mashed turnips and drank water from a cup. She loves to drink from a regular cup and gets so excited if I'm holding her and I'm drinking water.

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