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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tee and Buy

We had a great day filled with swimming, painting with water colors and playing with play dough. Does life get any better than this for toddlers?

A couple days ago I taught the kids what it meant to have 2 of something because I'm trying to teach them that they will be 2 years old. Now, they ask for 2 every time I give them something. I gave them crackers today and both were screaming 2, 2, 2....so I gave them each a second cracker. Later, I told Arya that I was going to count to three and that she had to pick up something she had thrown outside or she would be on a time out. I started counting "one, two" and Arya yells out "tee" as loud as she could. Of course I busted out laughing and couldn't put her on a time out for not picking up.

I thought the kids had an understanding of what it meant to buy something. If we're at a store and they want something they ask to buy it. Eiley saw a container of bubbles in a cabinet today and started yelling "buy bubbles" over and over again because she wanted them.. Obviously we have a little more work to do before she fully grasps what buy means.

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