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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Twilight Fan?

I'm not sure where Arya learned to bite, but I don't think it was from watching any Twilight movies. She's very slowly learning that "biting babies don't get buhbuh." I wish she'd learn this faster, but for now she's biting Eiley and everything else that frustrates her. I caught her biting a toy yesterday that was stuck in her toy box. She was frustrated that she couldn't get the toy out like she wanted. Any ideas out there on how to help her get past her frustrations or how to handle them differently?

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  1. Lilly and Abby used to bit a lot. I think the first instruction they learned after no no was no biting. Abby rarely bites now but when Lilly is teething she bites sometimes. Then we tell her no biting and she points to mouth and says "na bi na bi" and shakes her head no.