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Monday, July 18, 2011

Switcing Places

The girls found out picnic lunch today around 10:30. They decided to help themselves while I was in another room.

Later today, I was dusting and saw Eiley playing with the dirty diaper pail. I couldn't see her face when I started to talk. This was our conversation.

Me: Arya don't touch that. Or Eiley. Or whoever you are.
E: Arya.
Me: You're Eiley.
E: No, Arya (said with a huge grin and a sly tone, followed by a laugh)

I think it's hilarious that she knows she can blame Arya and that it's funny. I know she doesn't understand that she's an identical twin and what that means. I tried to Google what age ID twins realize they are twins, that they look alike and that they can switch places. Of course I didn't find any answers to those things.

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  1. That's too funny - total stinker! I love the "Or whoever you are", too. :)