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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fairy Princess Party

There is an art studio where my parents live called Women's Space. Every year, they host a Fairy Princess Party. This is something my mom usually takes my niece too, but she was out of town this year. My mom asked if A&E would like to go and I thought we should give it a try. I'm so glad we did.

Arya & Eiley loved the party. It started with a very quick dance around a Maypoll. There were teenage girls dressed in light blue leotards and tutus instructing the kids how to dance around the Maypoll. After the dance was done, the kids were released to do the different activities. We were assigned crown making first. We had to stand in line to pick up supplies for the crown. A&E were not so good about standing in line. They did a lot of running away from us while laughing. They raced around while random people took pictures of them. We finally got up to the front of the line and the kids loved picking out flowers and ribbons. We made their crowns while they patiently waited with us. Once the crowns were done we put them on. Arya loved hers and kept it on most of the night. Eiley kept taking hers off. Both kids were adorable and attracted even more attention once they had their crowns.

After the crowns, we went on a scavenger hunt. Both kids got a white lunch sack and we were off walking through the trees. There were pictures of fairies hanging from the trees and under each fairy was a "useless item". The girls found shells, lace, qtips, rubber bands, paper clips, pasta, jewels, soft little balls, feathers, and a couple other things that i can't remember. Amongst the trees, people had built fairy houses before the party. It was adorable to watch all the kids there running from place to place grabbing "useless things" and pointing out the fairy houses.

After the scavenger hunt we moved on to the wand making. A&E took a long time doing the hunt, so the wand station wasn't busy by the time we got to it. They picked out wands, each with an orange ball on the end since orange is their favorite color right now. They also picked out different pieces of ribbon and pipe cleaners to put on the wands.

Next up were "fairy cakes", which most of you would know as cupcakes, drawings for prizes, and a little more dancing. The dancing was short enough that it held A&E's attention. In past years, they dancing has gone on way too long and kids lost attention watching it. I'm glad that it was short and sweet this year for the kids benefit and for mine.

I'm excited to bring the kids back next year since they thought it was so much fun this year.

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