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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sprinkler and Swings

It's hot here! We put out the sprinkler for Arya and Eiley today. They quickly grabbed some extra toys to play in the sprinkler with them. There were a few things I told them they couldn't bring in with them, but I didn't even notice when the cell phone made its way into the water. Thankfully it's an old phone and not a working one.

After the sprinkler, they moved onto the swings. I could hear their dolls crying and laughed when I saw why. I think I'd cry too if I was being laid on in a swing.

Little miss Zia is a week old today. She's doing amazingly well. I don't want to jinx us, but she seems to have her nights and days sorted out. She's waking every 2 to 3 hours at night, eating and going back to sleep. This is such a huge change from the twins who used to be up for hours at a time during the night, screamed constantly, and didn't eat well. I was lucky if I got 30 minutes of sleep at a time with them. If I got 3 hours during a night it was a good night. Zia is being much more kind to us at this point and I hope her current schedule continues. I know she'll start being more vocal over the next few weeks, but Arya and Eiley were not this chill at this age, so I don't think it'll get as crazy as it was with them.

I was laying down this afternoon. The girls came up the stairs and I heard Arya say "my lock momma in" and she shut the baby gate to my room. Then she said "Momma night night. EileyArya leave momma lone".

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