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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Eggs

The twins had their second dental appointment today. We had a very rocky start to our morning and I wasn't sure Eiley was going to let anyone near her mouth. Arya went first this time because Eiley did last time. We're all about taking turns right now. We've had plenty of discussions about how an only child doesn't get to take turns and always has to go first. These discussions usually come when no one wants her hair brushed, but apparently it applies for the dentist too. Eiley warmed up to the idea of having her teeth cleaned while Arya was in the chair. Eiley wanted nothing to do with the chair while it moved though. The chair had to be put in position prior to her climbing onto it.

After the dentist we dyed Easter eggs. I felt like the best place for that was in a shower where the dye could be washed own the drain. Based on the amount of dye on the floor, I was probably right. Arya and Eiley dyed two dozen eggs, that weren't hard boiled, and they didn't crack even one. They were very careful and their hands were covered in dye when they finished since they didn't use the little wire tool to put the eggs into the cups.

While we dyed eggs, Zia helped herself to a little toilet paper.

While I cooked dinner, the twins built houses out of books.

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