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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Twinado 2013

I asked Arya and Eiley to start putting their clean clothes away today while I put Zia's away. Usually I sit and supervise, but decided today that I'd speed things up and leave them unsupervised for a bit. Bad choice. I came back to find this. I took them about 90 minutes to clean it up. I told them it made me sad that we couldn't play together since their room was such a mess. Their room is rarely clean, but it doesn't usually look like this. Arya tried throwing a fit, Eiley tried telling me that Arya said she'd clean it all up. I wasn't buying either acts. They were hungry and I said they could eat as soon as the clean clothes were put away. They can cram them in the drawers if they want, they just couldn't leave them scattered. Once they finally decided to do it, the clothes were cleaned up super quick. I had the hardest time not laughing when I walked in and found the dolls covered in underwe.ar and socks.

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